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Primary Homes Realty is a real estate brokerage group based out of Natick, Massachusetts. We are passionate about helping people buy and sell homes. Our firm has a great deal of experience dealing with multilingual clientele. We are excited to contribute to creating diverse communities and paving pathways to wealth for hard working families.

We provide you with knowledge you most likely won't get working with the common real estate agents!

What to expect working with us

Personalized Approach


* Our agents deal with a wide array of clients (especially those with different cultural backgrounds or low credit scores).


* We strive to completely educate and walk borrowers throughout the whole process. Our mission is to leave borrowers with a whole new perspective on homeownership.




* We have a large network of reputable lenders who strive to provide borrowers with the best financing options.

* Our agents add 20+ years of combined experience to service 

On the Phone


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